#24: And Now We Eating Bugs

I’ve got you right where I want you. You’ve been very lazy lately. As time goes on, you’ve been sinking deeper into my trap. I’ve given everyone the freedom of choice. For some reason, you’ve taken the route that will lead to your decision-making demise. You are already having trouble hunting down your food. You need someone to give you a set portion everyday and you are satisfied. Your ancestors are looking down on you. Ashamed, every time they see that door-dash pulling up. You are so out of touch with life that you don’t prepare anything for yourself anymore. You don’t even know the satisfaction of seeing a whole process through. 

The statement: Acceptance and tolerance of not hunting for our food will have us eating bugs! I’m going to exclude myself from the “us,” because I can see what’s coming. The global leaders have decided that they are going to use the illusion of climate change issues to implement a regime where the masses eat insects.

These big business owners are always looking to cut expenses. What better way to do that than exchanging heavy meat for bugs? The masses have shown that they will accept anything that the TV tells them to do. Put this shot in your arm, we haven’t tested the long-term effects, but you should take it anyway. The shot can supposably protect you from death due to a sickness that has a 99% chance of survival… 99% survival without the vaccine? - Why do I need the vaccine plus all of the boosters?

You don’t.. That is the point. We are living in a big human experiment. The people with the power are constantly using the media to test its effects on the general population. Now that they see people are willing to take a mysterious shot, they know that you fools will eat bugs. All the big corporations have to do is announce that there is a meat shortage and the vegans/vegetarians will be on board with the bug eating movement. The vegans and the vegetarians will do the devils work similar to how we had the pro-vaccine people bashing the non-vaccinated. Pro-vaccers acted like they were present in the lab while the vaccine was being created. Pro-vaccers had more confidence in the vaccine than Dr. Fauci.

The best part about seeing this future is that you can prepare for it. You’ve been taking handouts for long enough. This is where you put your foot down. You know you like steak. You know you like chicken. Haha, if you don’t shift your mindset now, you may be one of those people that has to convince yourself that you like crickets for dinner. If you are a young person, prepare yourself accordingly. Begin to think for yourself. Use past events to see how the future could be shaped. There won’t be a shortage of cows, chicken, or pork. These land-raised animals will be reserved for the wealthy. As a commoner, be prepared to see meat prices sky-rocket. I’m talking about double and triple the prices we are seeing now. If the T-Bone at your local market is currently 19 bucks; In the next 10 years, be prepared to pay $45 for one T-Bone cut. 

Now... here is the kicker. There isn’t a shortage of meat and there won’t be. The play here is to reduce the expenses at major food production facilities. The business owners are looking to put the profits back in their pockets. That is not all though. Now that they can cut the production rate for genetically modified meat, the business owners can sell a naturally-raised piece of meat to the highest bidder. By reducing the amount of laboratory meat production, you ultimately allow more opportunity for healthier meat production. Why? - Because the business is no longer working against the clock. You don’t have to produce at a high rate of speed if you have a smaller supply to produce. Instead of pumping the chickens with excess hormones, the meat providers will be able to raise the protein naturally. 

Do you think the common man is going to get this kosher meat? Nooooo. That’s what bug production is for. The masses are going to continue to get the fake food that we call “fast food.” The masses are also going to have a new perspective on eating bugs. After a few months in, there will be arguments about who seasons the best cockroach. The agenda will pay influencers on cooking channels to promote bug recipes. SMH LOL. But you can see this happening.

Take your own life into control. Think for yourself. If you have the capability, buy land! Learn how to produce your own food! Relying on the grocery store is not a solid strategy. You can only select what the grocery store has to provide. I’d hate for you to be in the protein section with a sad face, because you have to settle for the $10 pack of wasps. You know you want the steak; however, your budget doesn't allow for a $120 filet mignon.

You have two options here. They both are centered in education. 

You can increase your income to be able to afford all of life’s luxuries regardless of the price.


You farm your own land (big or small) and raise your own food. The choice is yours. 

Reliance will be the downfall of all those subjected to allowing other people to think for them.

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