#23: Control What You See

People think that life happens to them not realizing that they are creating every experience in their minds first. If you knew that your thoughts were constructing your physical reality, you would spend more time thinking about the things you desire. Sadly, no one told us how to use our minds in the public school system. Since they didn’t teach us how to use our minds, it is easier for us to be controlled by media and other outside forces. Why do you think the news only shows fear-based information? The main reason is to influence the viewers’ mind to make them a fearful person. If I can place fear on you every day at news time, I can guarantee that you will have fearful thoughts when you are away from the TV. Since your mind is filled with fear, you don’t have time to picture a happy reality in your mind because you’ve been convinced that the world is a bad place.

What if I told you that the world is yours? What if I told you that the things that you see in the world are only a reflection of the thoughts that you have in your mind? Would you believe me? Do you think that you have that much power over your physical reality? 

Well…. You do. Quick example to get the brain going. How do you think the overweight person looses 100 pounds and takes the shape of a very fit and healthy person? This person has an image in their mind of what they want to look like. The image becomes a recurring thought which turns it into a burning desire. Since it becomes a burning desire, the out-of-shape person stays with their vision of themselves until it manifests into physical reality. When we picture ourselves in a certain image and then follow the actions that our conscious calls for, we are able to bring the image of ourselves from our mind into actual reality. It is the same for the person that is raised in the projects and becomes a wealthy individual. The people that outgrow the projects are people that have a grand vision for themselves. They stick to the vision at all costs because they know it is better than their current reality.

If you would like to change yourself, I am here to tell you that the process is very simple. All you have to do is imagine yourself in a better state then you currently are in. When you want to have new life experiences, you must visualize yourself doing something different. Our physical bodies follow the directions of our mind. The subconscious mind is what you should focus on programming with the new information. People read and say affirmations daily to impress the subconscious mind. No matter what your current state is, you have the ability to have a paradigm shift. 

Change is very simple. Ease or difficulty is determined by the story that you tell yourself. If you think it will be easy to make a change, it will. If you think change is difficult, then a difficult experience is what you will get. Our thinking is everything. Please be aware of your thoughts at all times. You may find yourself thinking about some bullshit at points, that’s when you have to reel your thoughts back in and get focused. Your physical life is definitely affected by the thoughts you have when your mind roams as well. Intentional thoughts aren’t the only ones that manifest in physical reality. That’s why it is imperative to be a watcher of your thoughts throughout the day. Whenever you see yourself thinking in a negative manner, you must pause all conversation in your mind and shift all thoughts back into a positive state.

My family and friends used to make fun of me for meditating and overusing the statement “I’m just trying to stay positive.” I’ve been practicing intentional positivity since I was 18, because I realized that the negative people around me never created a better experience for themselves by complaining. That made me do more research into positive and negative thinking. After 10 years of research and focused meditation, I am supremely aware of my thoughts and I have the power to direct my stream of consciousness. The current flow of my stream is positive but I know if I want to spazz-out on someone, I am fully capable. The best part is after I treat someone as they should be treated, I can easily get back into my positive flow of thinking. That is because I can see my thoughts and how they shape my physical world. Negativity is just a rock that momentarily disturbs the flow of my stream, however I can see the whole view therefore I have the ability to place the rocks down and pick them up whenever I want. 

Just because most people haven’t seen me in a negative character state doesn’t mean I don’t have the ability to get there. I just choose to reflect everlasting positivity because I know that my current thoughts are creating my near future experiences.

Never be too quick to judge meditation or people that practice stillness. People in America love to be against things when they lack understanding. Before making judgements, we should experience things for ourselves. Haha, I would get made fun of for my thirst of positivity in a world surrounded by negative thinkers. Joke is on everyone else. While people are still struggling with life and asking themselves why… I continue to fly higher - only because I control what I see, think, feel, and do, therefore I have control over my reality. You don’t have to believe me. You can attribute my successes to luck or miracles. That is fine. I guess I am extremely lucky.

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