#21: No Weapon Formed Against Me

We all go thru troubles in life. None of us are exempt from experiencing “difficult” situations in life. There is no need to become upset or discouraged by this thought. We each have the ability to perceive our stories in the manner that we choose. 

No weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Have you noticed that people are causing their own difficulty? Why would you believe that GOD is testing you? If you perceive life to be a never ending test, then you will go thru your years fighting to pass every experience as a test. You can choose to be tested if you want, but that is up to you. 

I think most of us didn’t care to be tested by the grade school teachers. I don’t think as adults we should assume that we are being tested by a higher power.

“GOD gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. “

Yeah, Okay… believe that if you want to. 

People are restricting themselves of happiness by being on a diet or abstaining from something. If you remember that “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” then we can imply that there is no food or drinks that are holding you back from the lifestyle that you desire. We see a lot of people on social media telling people that they should drop all vices and eat a healthy diet. 

We are all related to an elder that has made it to their 80’s while smoking, drinking, and eating as the please. Don’t be the person that thinks you have to live uptight to live a long life. Who cares? We are all going to die. Of course we want to curb illnesses if we can. The best way to do that is to never think about them. You should happily do everything with the belief that it is good for you. 

I am not opposed to eating consciously, but I am saying that we cause ourselves stress by trying to stick to a diet that we don’t like. If living happy and abundantly is your cause, adding resistance into your life isn’t going to be the answer. 

“If it is good to you, then it is probably good for you” - Snoop Dogg

I heard Uncle Snoop say this when talking about his desire to smoke weed everyday. He and his wife found him to be a pain to be around when he was abstaining from marijuana smoke. His wife said that his abstinence lasted for about a year and then he started blazing trees again. Snoop realized that his life didn’t get any better by abstaining from the weed. He was only causing himself mental pain by attempting to resist his desire to smoke. We as people kill ourselves faster when we live in a world of stress. Stress comes from resisting our conscious callings or truest desires. 

I have seen many “functioning alcoholics.” Who is to say that someone that drinks alcohol everyday is a bad person? The drinker is only a problem to the judgmental person.  The person that is enjoying their drink could care less how others feel. Especially if the person that enjoys drinking has the the other aspects of their life in alignment. Is everyday drinking a problem for the person that has a loving family, excess of money, and multiple degrees and certifications? It’s not. The weapon “alcohol” which may have been formed against people to cause depression will not work to the person that has ownership of their mind. Nothing can be formed against them. When you come to the realization that nothing can be against you, you naturally adopt a mindset of finding the benefit in everything. The guy that drinks everyday is only rewarding himself with a drink for being disciplined in all areas of his life. When things are going well for you, YOU SHOULD CELEBRATE DAILY. 

Vices - whatever you vice is, don’t make it a weapon against you. Use it as a reward system for handling your business in other areas of your life. Remember that your vices are only a problem to the people that judge them in a negative way. You don’t have to see your alcohol consumption as a bad thing. You don’t have to see your smoking habit as a bad thing. You don’t have to abstain from sex because people think you are having too much. You are the one that gets to decide your path. You are the one that determines your overall happiness. Don’t let forces outside of yourself determine how you feel about yourself. If anyone has a problem with the way you do things, simply remind them that you don’t agree with how they live their life either. All disrespect is neutralized when we realize that everyone is different. You shouldn’t judge someone for doing exactly what they want to do. You should only judge them if they are making choices based on what society dictates as acceptable.

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